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Feb 28, 2014 7:00pm PST
the russian intervention they saw france defenses and defense minister in those images. he's called for an inquiry. back home into her osman an abuse of female soldiers is following the publication of a damning book here in the nation of posts europe's highest number of women in uniform. rachelle harrison explains this woman spent a decade in the french army. it only hurts the special album to show for it. filled with memories of a leaky case to the high range eighteen months ago. she says she was the victim of was sold by a superior. today she speaks no. sad that no one in fiji women s tuesday i went with our pain and he would call me on that to me infinite pains me he wanted to see me he was thinking of me that i would rather kiss nine extension. during the beginning i tried to reason with him calmly and gently enough to sometimes saying that in black. i miss them and sometimes even married friend and mentor he reacted very very badly during a business trip she found herself staying in the same hotel as adults. he summoned town for a meeting it's called carousel and behavior that
Mar 1, 2014 7:00pm PST
forces though to say that they are on high and that to the defense minister tried to reassure ukrainians this evening that they have what it takes to counter the potential in russian intervention of other expats disputes that name name of the prime minister us in the us and europe said that said he hopes the dress is in custody and ukraine would not go any further than it has already done with it. if that it's not very many would mean wall and the end of diplomatic relations between russia and ukraine in the same press conference he had also reached out to ukrainians in the south and east of the country the russian speaking regions saying that the ukraine protects all its citizens regardless of the night which they speak or what to say perfected gutsy and that there's no need to see reviewed this new government said in the kitties any kind of threat to russian speakers there was a sensible them it is like in a different areas all of the country because it very much varies from one region to the next. just how people are feeling right now of course the areas that people are watching it th
Mar 2, 2014 7:00pm PST
and only thirteen percent defense company said that they were there they were making in the maiden from stable at rt when they did their part to sing where you were you surprised by the snow began when i was not so surprise because then when you talk to purchasing professionals at the minute it took about twenty of the particle from. you talk about nutrition that the above cost reduction. you talk about dreams of a supplier that biting in your own country doesn't make any sense for them then the chart to ride europe and when you need to rest. his body look always looks the main point that it has some type of business when the shore into building business on tuesday you will buy you a call. because you have to prove it. some products you offer to buy the road in us. the sauce and french companies compared with that other countries send companies in france since the day many will be enough to stay. it was interesting because your nose and say that you do what we can pick a choice of biting in france. yup tomorrow is the best products. on the other way in us the awesome scene called by the
Mar 4, 2014 6:30am PST
that is very similar if not in parts identical to my clients in addition to the defense has discovered that this other individual in guantanamo bay was present in afghanistan and in tora bora in that time period alleged in the indictment obligations created mold keelty the painfully is awfully keen to bolster the case with testimony from comics take mohamad. the professed months to mind all this attend the eleven attacks. thomas has lost around five weeks if convicted of a gay faces life in prison. a chill of the trial of the oscar this story as was briefly interrupted today after an image of the witness was broadcast on television parts of the trial are being broadcast in south africa but said the court does allow witnesses to decide if they don't want to be filmed the witness in question is in a blur of any athlete that the athlete who pushes on trial for murdering his girlfriend. on monday that witness testified that she heard the greeting from this story since passed before the gun was fired from the stories has admitted to shooting his girlfriend model read this team cap on valent
Mar 5, 2014 6:30am PST
with steady growth and twelve percent increase defense spending the headlines read this and i kept expecting us to be intense. when ukraine at more than one thousand demonstrators waved to ukrainian flags in the eastern city of donetsk that was the first time a pro ukrainian crowd outnumbered pro russian protesters who it seems the government the green man. russian forces have been in the eastern command region for almost a week now. and speaking at his first press conference is the crisis began the russian president but in truth and said russia reserve the right to use all options to protect its compatriots who were living in quotes terror in ukraine that force was not needed for now. meanwhile there's been much diplomatic maneuvering on ukraine here in your app. us secretary of state john kerry is sitting down with the russian foreign minister said in the proper today. that will be their first face to face meeting since the crisis in ukraine escalated last week. kerry has accused russia of making up reasons for that intervention in ukraine speaking to impress the ukrainian foreign minister
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5